No Ordinary Ordinary Cowboy.
He claims to be “nothing extra”; just an ordinary cowboy. But Rawhide Robinson is no ordinary cowboy. Read his tales of extraordinary adventures in humorous Western novels by writer Rod Miller. Are the stories Rawhide Robinson tells true? Did they really happen? You decide.

Western Writers Hall of Fame author and recipient of numerous other literary awards, Loren D. Estleman, wrote this about the forthcoming Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary:

“I’m jealous of Rod Miller. His solid historical research—and his sure instinct for what readers want in an adventure story—are bound to win him a lifetime of dedicated fans. Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary is rich in color, texture, and relentless forward movement—“locomotion,” as one of his sharply drawn characters would put it—and I am one of those fans.”

 Johnny D. Boggs, Western author and winner of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Award and a record-setting number of Western Writers of America Spur Awards, says this about Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range:

“Forget Pecos Bill, Deadwood Dick and even Buffalo Bill. Rawhide Robinson tops them all. Rod Miller tells this outrageous story with a dry wit and a keen ear and eye for the absurd. Chances are, you’ve never met a bigger liar than Rawhide Robinson or a funnier storyteller than Rod Miller.”

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Award-winning Western Author Michael Zimmer says:

“Move over Pecos Bill. Step aside Bunyan, and take that mangy blue ox with you. There’s a new man riding the range, a teller of tales as tall as the Rocky Mountains and as slick as a goose on grease. His name is Rawhide Robinson, and he’s about to take you on a cattle drive the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Gus and Woodrow rode up the trail to Montana’s Milk River.

Rawhide Robinson Rides the Range, two-time Spur Award-winning author Rod Miller has created a fun and fascinating fable of the American West, chock-full of genuine cowboy lore, side-splitting wit, and occasional doses of wisdom tossed in as garnishment. Take this ride along with Enos Atkins, Doak, Arizona, a kid called McCarty, and Rawhide Robinson. It’ll be more fun than a bronc at the breakfast fire.” 

Of Rawhide Robinson Rides the Tabby Trail, Thomas Cobb, two-time Western Writers of America Spur Award winner and author of Crazy Heart, the novel that became an Oscar-winning movie, says:

“Rod Miller is such a great storyteller that his characters’ characters tell wonderful stories. This book is a delight”

Rawhide Robinson novels are
available in paperback and eBook.

Extraordinary things often happen to ordinary cowboy Rawhide Robinson. While riding herd on a ranch in the remote Nevada desert, a lightning strike zaps him into the middle of the twentieth century and the middle of Area 51, a top-secret experimental airbase where strange things are said to happen. A chance encounter with Eric, a young teenager, helps the discombobulated cowboy escape the clutches of military police, the CIA, and local law enforcement, and gets him mixed up in a kidnapping by Las Vegas mobsters. All the while, Rawhide Robinson entertains with his signature tall tales as he wonders if he will ever get out of the modern world and back to the Old West.


And in the ​original hardcover versions.