About Rawhide Robinson

To hear him tell it, Rawhide Robinson is an ordinary cowboy. He moves at an ordinary pace, rides ordinary horses (mostly), was born and raised in an ordinary family, and wears ordinary cowboy garb; he is, in all ways, totally ordinary in appearance and manner.

But extraordinary things happen to Rawhide Robinson, to hear him tell it.

And tell it he does. For if there is one way in which Rawhide Robinson departs from the ordinary, it is his ability to talk. In fact, he seems to lack, in all ways, the skill of silence. From reciting poetry to rehashing soliloquies, words roll off his tongue in mass quantities.

But mostly, Rawhide Robinson relates tales of his own experiences, stories of his extraordinary adventures wandering the Wild West as an ordinary cowboy: riding horseback to Hawaii; outshooting Annie Oakley; selling postholes from his ruined ranch; dallying a rope around Pikes Peak; inventing the bobcat; tying knots in the devil’s tail; heeling a humpback whale…the tall tales go on and on.

Those extraordinary stories and more, along with Rawhide Robinson’s everyday adventures, are recounted in humorous Western novels by writer Rod Miller.