Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary:
The True Tale of a Wild West Camel Caballero.

“What’s this?”

Brik. It is meat, vegetables, and egg in pastry. Here,” Hurry said, handing Rawhide Robinson a small cup of a red pasty sauce. “Dip it in this.”

“What’s this?”

Harissa. It is made from red peppers, so mind your tongue.”

“Horsefeathers! I been funneling chili down my gullet since long before you were born. Why, I’ve et stuff that’ll make your teeth sweat and singe your esophagus.”

With that, he dunked a corner of the brik into the harissa and scooped up a ponderous glob of the sauce and chomped off a substantial chunk of the sandwich.

With that, he went wall-eyed.

With that, his face turned the color of the harissa.

With that, perspiration popped from his pores and puddled around his boots.

With that, his tongue sizzled to a crisp.

With that, his teeth seared the inside of his lips.

With that, his stomach swelled as the steam inside sought escape.

With that, the hairs on his head scorched the innards of his thirteen-gallon hat.

With that, a blistering blast of his breath blew through the bazaar and elevated the ambient temperature like a Sirocco blustering off the Sahara.

“Yeeeehaaaaw!” he said upon regaining control of his faculties. “That’s good stuff!”

And he took another bite.

Hurry laughed until tears ran down her face as she watched tears run down Rawhide Robinson’s face as he masticated his second mouthful.

Then another.

And another.

And yet another and another, until finishing his brik and the same again, Hurry munching right along with him, bite for bite.

Their stomachs full and appetites sated, the plethoric pair plodded off to the port, where Major Wayne and Ibrahim awaited them aboard the Cordwood.

Watch for Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary: The True Tale of a Wild West Camel Caballero, coming February, 2018 from Five Star. You’ll delight in page after page of overseas adventure, Wild West hijinks, and tall tales.

Coming in February, 2018, Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary: The True Tale of a Wild West Camel Caballero, is a tale based loosely—loosely—on the United States Army’s acquisition of camels and their experimentation with the critters as pack animals in the American Southwest.

With visions of fleet-footed Arabian horses, ordinary cowboy Rawhide Robinson signs on with the US Army to sail across the sea to acquire animals for military service in the desert Southwest. Too late, he learns it is not horses he is after, but camels. Camels! Rawhide Robinson nearly revolts, but chooses instead to accompany Major Benjamin Wayne to fulfill the mission. Young naval officer Ensign Ian Scott teaches the cowboy seagoing ways while Rawhide Robinson teaches sailors the ways of the West and spins tall tales to relieve boredom.

After escaping mobsters in Palermo, the expedition sails to the port city of Smyrna. There, the Americans team up with “Harry” and “Hurry,” an experienced camel trainer and his precocious orphaned niece, and together they resist the attempts of the evil Hasan Hussein and his henchman Balaban to disrupt their work.

Back in America, the ungainly and unfamiliar camels cause nothing but upheaval as they venture across Texas. Army and civilian packers claim the camels are no match for their mules, and a desert challenge is mounted to test the ships of the desert. Hunger, thirst, and hardship accompany the mules and camels and their handlers on the trail—but fortune and adventure also await.

Will Harry and Hurry and Rawhide Robinson convince the army that camels are the way to go? Find out as an ordinary cowboy becomes a camel caballero.

Here’s an excerpt from Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary as a young girl camel handler called “Hurry” instructs our ordinary cowboy in the delights of Levantine cuisine: