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Rawhide Robinson Rides a Wormhole

The True Tale of Bravery and Daring in the Weird West

Extraordinary things often happen to ordinary cowboy Rawhide Robinson. While riding herd on a ranch in the remote Nevada desert, a lightning strike zaps him into the middle of the twentieth century and the middle of Area 51, a top-secret experimental airbase where strange things are said to happen. A chance encounter with Eric, a young teenager, helps the discombobulated cowboy escape the clutches of military police, the CIA, and local law enforcement, and gets him mixed up in a kidnapping by Las Vegas mobsters. All the while, Rawhide Robinson entertains with his signature tall tales as he wonders if he will ever get out of the modern world and back to the Old West.

Rawhide Robinson Rides a Wormhole is available from the publisher in paperback and ebook, and from online booksellers.